Complex Ludo has opened doors for the first time at 1988 and it is the first private hit hotel- resaurant in Varna and Bulgaria. It works all
  year round. The hotel provides double rooms, apartments and a maisonette. The rooms are with  panoramic view of Varna City and the
  sea and each of themhas cable tv, refrigerator, air-conditioner and wi-fi. Complex Ludo also offers  rooms with luxury touches that include
  solarium and jacuzzi.
During the summer when the heat is tiring you can refresh and relax in our summer garden near the pool. At the "Mexicano Ludo" restaurant
  you have the oportunity to try Orlando Gonzales's recipies - virtuoso in the cooking art. We also offer  traditional bulgarian dishes.The restaurant
  is ideal for summer or winter parties and celebrations as well as for business(company) meetings.
  The Complex is situated in Varna city, Zelenika area (between the neighbourhoods Asparuhovo and  Galata) and offers a beautiful view of both
  the sea and the nearby forest.
At the beach wich is only five minutes away there are golf-course, football field, basketball pitch,   tennis court
  and vollyeball court as well as horse riding center and a park where you can go for a walk and relax.
  There are parking places provided for the visitors of the hotel and there is also a bus-stop just
  a few minutes away. The City is on about ten minutes drive from the copmlex and there are
  rarely any traffic problems.